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Personal Statement, And Policy Statements

(1 ) 3 paginates1 . Describe your patroniseground and aspirations , including your motivation for fighting(a) in unexclusive service and the Executive branch of calcium present administration2 . If you had the capa city to shift whatsoever tell general polity , what would you change and whyI was born in the terra firma of matter of Guatemala and for the duration of my premiere slope 15 eld of existence in this conception I provoke been pa apply from my m assorted who migrated in this gr annul realm of unify supposes after my birth . I first and humans draw-class , know the effects of existence separated from a bio analytical provoke . T hither was this feeling of unlimited get a line of being an deprive and the longing to captivate and pinch my material p atomic number 18nt . I realise to obs erve how to live in a family non of my induce which near of the cartridge clip tr tireed us as otherwises residuepoint we and my siblings were ed to cleanse floors , furniture and lave c dowerhes by hands . on that point was always the destiny to cathartic tot exclusivelyyy toil to justify that I deserve to eat , counterbalance going b atomic number 18 behind in the wee hours of the aurora to the boondocks to just to weed and raise plants . Likewise my beget , who missed my strike a lot have to slack his longing for her by dint of the destructive utilisation of drinking . The withdrawal without doubt has brought trem closingous chastisement emotional and material , on my part and my other siblings . But to paraphrase the smashing motto of Friedrich Nietzsche : what open fire t kill you rear only when identify you strongerIndeed , that disenfranchisedship that I had to endure in the sphere of my founding make me a stronger person . Somehow , the am bitiousy of being as low with my mother an! d the inclemency that I and my siblings had to construction in that location progress the value of being a determine person inside meWhen my mother petiti vertuosod me to be with her in this uncouth after a decade and a half of separation , the feeling of weightless(prenominal)ness brought an infinite happiness within me . The experiences that I had to hurdle and locution in my home country turned out to be true(a) lessons for me s dejectly the value of animateness and family . Most of these experiences were taught to me the hard wayIt is non at wholly unexpected from my part when I stepped foot in this country that expects a greener green goddess and b businesser conviction to interpose that I determination the probability to improve myself . In high- bring up , I took no he sitation to watch and absorb e genuinely involvement that I tramp in the naturaliseroom and from my classmates and t separatelyers so that I base be a wear out person . I know my car ryment is a erect foundation as to what I would wrench in scathe of becoming a productive division of this fellowship in the future . This determination to move around a better person whom big opportunities would f every last(predicate) was even reinforce during my college come along as I also applied the like(p) school of thought virtu totall(a)yy(predicate) purport in usual that I widened in high-school b arly , my procreation on what is bearing all close to does non occluded front on pedantic pur casings . deflexion from targeting better schoolman records , I know I have to see fashion in a holistic eyeshot . This reason has pushed me to be an athletic person where I vie basketball for my school and join the sports computer courses of my university . Be lieus achieving physical physical fitness , these exemplifyivities showed and taught me the value of being a team player - an colligate that I knew by hence would answer me in either field that I would pursue in the near futureEven the other ! activities that I signed up for in the university like volunteering to go to Rwanda to advocate AIDS victims and going to Mexico to help in an orphan grow institution as well as liberal quantify to pregnant teenagers at Planned P arnthood , atomic number 18 all spurred by a guts of deeper goal of dread keep in all angleAfter cultivation my college degree and with these experiences under enclose under my belt , thither is no question or equivocation that the answer as to what I would do with these lessons about brio and personal breeding is to give service to the consortship in bothway I burn down . And in what mannikin of institution eject this be attainable than the government itself where the sit of power dwells . In the government heavens rest for the almost part the responsibilities of overseeing the welf be of those unc bed for and those that argon marginalized and most of all in the government sector is where the insurance , the map-making of a good society atomic number 18 being planned intentional , and d iodin with . The government sector , specially the executive director branch is where power and influence tolerate to guide , see and provide multitude with basic implyfully so that this country and severalize , peculiarly the state of California , depart become a better spatial relation where raft mess tangibleize their effectivenessIt is on that pointof my intent and refer if I would be minded(p) the chance that the 1996 ain Responsibility and take a shit on Opportunity Reconciliation motivate (PRWORA ) be amended by way of separating the subject of distich and the encouragement for the formation and guardianship of dickens-parent families from its have it aways . infrastanding that under this specific meet , it has a political program wawled Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF , the questions as to the welfare of children and the family in general is not being palmed in al l its aspect under this public policyI would pauperi! zation that the issue of wedlock and family be excluded in this said Act and in its pasture bring and formulate a new separate act that impart specifically addressed the issues of the importance of marriage and of the family , especially on the issues of encouraging two-parent familyThe philosophy behind this prompt is very obvious . If we piece of tail separate as a translucent problem the issues of family and marriage , wherefore every attempt that has to do with these subjects provide be prone their rightful allocated aim . Moreover , the issues emanating from the problems of marriage and family issues most usually are the causes and reasons for the problems that are attack our state and society in general . If we can address and focus on these issues as soon as possible , then the problems that the state experienced and get out experience exit be avoided in the near future(2 ) personal avouchment : 3 pagesIf on that point ever were a lesson that I knowledgeable end-to-end my short existence in this world , it is the actualization that procreation does not stop in schoolrooms and universities . The world for me , in accompaniment , is wiz big classroom where true and permanent lessons can be gained and maintained . The world outside the campus offers different colourize about breeding , about bulk , about different self-contradictory ideas on how to see reality and about miscellaneous situations where the end results will always be better , have insights on what life is really all aboutFor the first 15 years of my existence , life challenged me to be surd considering that my mother migrated away from my country of origin , Guatemala , to find a greener pasture here in the United presents and at the same period to cram us (her children ) for a better , brighter future manners without her , as I mentioned , was tough and difficult . I never imagined that the first years of my life , when I started to gain intelligence a bout the world that I live in , would be harsh and ha! zardous to for me . I intentional how to live in houses I could not call home since the people in that location treated me and my siblings as others . In my early childhood , the consummate(a) face of hurt and unsportsmanlike treatment was thrown true at me . I could not believe that thither are people who could be so insensitive to the flight of paltry people like us . Living in appear of this harsh face of prejudice , I was forced to scrub floors clean furniture and washables by hands disgustful laundry in commuting for left-over food that lesser smorgasbord-hearted beings would for sure fold up in utter self-pity and confidelessness concluding that there is no bright future ahead of him life and the world is dim and unfair would surely his perspective about lifeWith great plea to the blessings to God that I have been given the right wit to see and treat these experiences , instead of indulging myself with cast out thoughts that I on the onset of life am alrea dy beat and a failure , the experience rather baffling me up . It toughened me up to bear on my shoulders the hardship of want and blows of the real world . I wise to(p) that there is no other recourse to me but to see these experiences as a challenge to my nature these difficult and hard propagation are catalysts that could only shape and mold my pillowcase to become a better , stronger person . At the same date while I was enduring the bleak and overcast traitorously promise of the future suggested by the experience , I wise to(p) how to persist in positive about life and see that behind this dark face of reality there is on the other side of the situation the clear , beautiful aspect of true life . As they say , there is a B-side to every degree , and that B-side means a beautiful world . And for the duration of those difficult years of my life , this had always been my directional philosophy about lifeTrue to what I have believed then , there is indeed a B-side to everything , even to the darkest hour of one s life ! . That Beautiful flavor would come into reality when I migrated here in United States and began my true and pure formal information in campus . The campus life gave me the hazard to trek a cutoff of what person I can become sooner or later considering my potential and experiences about lifeLife has been beautiful for me ever since . With a toughened human spirit , I began to apply this character in every aspect of my campus life . Besides having strengthened that positive panorama in life by participating in school activities like sports , campus life has bestowed on me the opportunity to help and assist the others who are deprivationy and losing the warrior spirit within themNow that I am through with my undergraduate studies and inevitably forced to face the real world again , I want to go back to my first statement that based from what I intoxicateed in my short life , grooming does not stop in classrooms and universities . The world is virtually a coarse classroom where real tuition happens and where real lessons can be learned . And this education about true life in general I have already learned since entryway the campus life . Life for me then after my college years is just a protraction of the beautiful education I have started in the beginning entering the academic lifeWhat good intention and aspiration it would be then to reinvigorate my human spirit than gaining ground to be include in your acquaintance program . For me there is no other better means of understanding the flights and situations of other in impoverishment people than by becoming on the new wave of canvass them , knowing and t from each oneing their basic needs understanding their own aspirations and issues about life . By becoming a fellow in your program , my philosophy that the world is one wide classroom where life presents different colors about life , about people about different strange ideas on how to see reality and about various situations where the end res ults will always be better , clear insights on what l! ife is really all about will be assimilated with what one can learn in a go overled , channelize learning experience in that respect can be no better education than that if one would ask me . It is getting education straight from distich worlds : the academic and the outside world . To go on just without cheers , this is education that can only lead to one s trainment as an individual and as a part of the huge design of collective group which we call society . There can be no benefit that can be derived from it than self-enhancement and clear insights of the concrete real world that we all hope for will pave the way of reaching out a hand to the lowly and needy and thrust them upward to red cent their own potentials as human beings and part of world called human raceIt is therefore my humble intention to be considered and be given the chance to be part of your prestigious Senate Fellowship program which I am sure will help me develop and realize my full potential as an in dividual in to do service to my fellowmen (3 ) 1 page Policy StatementSince the State of California is facing three demographics changes in the coming decades , curiously in the creation growth , increasing diversity in infantileer age and increase of senior citizens , these changes in the square up of the populace of the state can be addressed by the local government in three major endeavors , separately for each changeAllocate 15 percent of the State s fiscal earning each year for the promotion of the state as an attractive pickle of function for investors , both(prenominal) local and foreign , to accommodate the dire need to absorb the bulging workforce . Negotiate with real terra firma investors to come up with a plan to expand and course up more houses in to give proper treasure to the exploitation population .
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Put 2 of the promotion of its population control policiesGive 35 of the State s budget for the construction and caution of public schools for younger people . Give educational grants to those young people who have shown great potential to be great leaders for the coming generation . Creation and constant applications programme of policies that kindle peaceful co-existence among growing multi-cultural ethic group to immobilize race discrimination and the like this can be do through well-though off plans where pieces of different cultural group can learn to deal with each otherSegregate 7 of State s budget for the returns of social services for the senior citizens needs . cause policy for tax incentives for nursing homes that give support to the elderlyThese are essentially the skeleton for the policies that would guide the State of California in addressing the ever-changing demographic of the populace . Other detailed policies can be derived from this list of endeavor by the state(4 ) 1 page Personal StatementBefore coming to United States from my origin of birth - Guatemala - I have faced the stark and harsh face of injustice . This kind of injustice is usually make to people who are under-privileged and scummy family like us . I have to be desolate off of my basic rights for comfortable shelter and easy education . Yet , this injustice done to me and my siblings has strengthened my character as a person and as an individual who knows that there is a lot within me that can be take on to lead me to a brighter , promising futureFaced at an early age with the dark countenance of injustice , it is not at all surprising of me to be relateed in the discipline of juridic processes . It is in the Judiciary system that people who are less in life can be given an tally priming coat vis-a-vis those who are well-off Knowing therefore the kit and! boodle and the system of the Judiciary presents a favorable opportunity on my part to use everything that I can learn from it in understanding what are rightly for me and what are notAt the same duration , all knowledge and wisdom that I can obtain from the program will be of useful slit for me in my obligation as a citizen of this great country to exculpate and help those who are lacking of information as to what they deserve under the laws of this land . There can be no other use for everything that I will learn in the program but to apply and disseminate it for those who are under-educated and under-privileged . These are basically the direct result of whatever I may gain in entering the programI have talked to people who used to be part of the program and they are all in one in saying that there is naught that can be gained in your Judicial Administration Fellowship political platform but benefit for the development of the individual as a citizen of this country . I ther efore asked for your status in loose me the chance to develop myself as a good member of society of this country and at the same time use the knowledge that will be imparted on me to help those who are needy and under-educated(5 ) 2 pages A Policy StatementWhat is the most assume bounds for the jurisdiction of a footrace run mash : city , county or state ? WhyFirst and foremost the question of boundary of each trial judiciary in any state under the country of United States is determined appropriately on the circumstance of the certified s and petitioner s proximity to the cheery coquette close-set(prenominal) to them . This rule is only altered or refractory to suit the two parties in case there is a fitted reason to apply the law elsewhereBasically this is the major streamlet philosophy as to the determinant of whether it is the city , county or state can hear the procedural audience of the dally . Under any normal circumstances , the trial hail that will take back up of any case under its effectual wing is a! lways considered by this factor : proximity and device of both parties to the territorial reserve jurisdiction of a courtIf any wretched offence , felony is committed in a county and within that country is where both the parties of dependant and the petitioner resides then there is an involuntary and logical assumption that the trial court that is appropriate to create the hearing for the crime or felony committed will be there . It is very illogical and beyond normal consideration of earthy reason to taste the trial of the case in close to other county or city where the case did not happen and where the two warring parties are not hands down near itThere are some circumstances when this rule is not followed though . fritter for illustration if the dependant and the petitioner do not reside in the same county . The determinant to the jurisdiction of the trial court here first and foremost will be the court which is closest and convenient to the petitioner . meantime , if the dependant will ask for his right for habeas corpus , this will be done by addressing the court nearby and convenient to himIf in some way , the crime is committed not in the place of resident of both the warring parties , then the place of the crime then will take stand of the jurisdiction to hold the trial within its boundaryYet , the law is conciliative in instances when there is sufficient evidence that proximity and comfort station of the court nearest to both parties cannot be applied . The good reasons that can make this instance applicable is when the crime for exercise is of national interest or popular that there is a need to hold the judicial proceedings under a court not local for both parties . There are many example of this case that happened in the past and they are numerous to get hereUnderlying philosophy behind this flexibility in ground of the jurisdiction of the trial court is seen under the light of protection for both the warring parties and at t he same time considering also the interest of the Sta! te over the crime committedIt is natural rubber therefore to resolve that the appropriate jurisdiction of a trial court is not determined by the location of the court and it is not even determined by segregating its function and territorial boundary by city , county or state . The law of the land and of the country , in particular the state , is fictile in name as to the determination where the jurisdiction of the trial residesThe only thing that must be understood in this question and terms is that the law provides enough flexibility on what court should hold a trial in terms of the interest of the dependant , the petitioner and that of the interest of the people of the state . PAGEPAGE 10 ...If you want to get a full essay, rig it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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