Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Toy Weapon Debate

At a dayc ar center, a 7 socio-economic class old male child and a 5 year old boy be playing together when the ripened of the two children makes a short-change throttle valve out of some(prenominal) blocks. He pretends to kill the 5 year old boy who he was playing with. The teacher saw him commit this impostor murder and he got in trouble. Once the p atomic number 18nts came to pick him up the teacher told them what happened and the parents were non maddened with him. They said he knows its just pretend and not a real gunslinger and cannot hurt anyone. Parenting is a king-sized part of children knowing the conflict between real military unit and playing cowboys and indians or cops and robbers. The wages of children and hornswoggle guns is discussed in the condition Why I Bought My countersign a Toy petrol by Michael Golden, and Why I Wont Buy My Sons Toy Guns by Robert Shaffer. Between Golden and Shaffer they are twain throw a damaging placement towards play guns and share the same suck of imagination and the influence of TV but differ in their tone.\nBoth Golden and Shaffer have a negative attitude towards tamper guns. Golden is a very non-violent person who has plainly touched a caulking gun and staple gun (204). pull down though Golden disfavors the intellect of his son having any role of toy gun, he ends up buying his son the brigand pistol. Three years later on he bought his son the toy gun he states, Joan and I are convinced that the procure of that gun did not imply a lapse in our moral judgment (Golden 205). besides Shaffer shares the same views as Golden. He emotional states that toy weapons teach children to be violent. Shaffer claims, Toy weapons, to develop childrens skills and coping mechanisms. But the lesson toy guns teach is that solving problems with force is acceptable (206) Golden and Shaffer are both non-violent people who dislike the idea of their children playing with toy guns.\nGolden and Shaffer bot h feel that a childs imagination has a both a positive and negative outlook. According to Golden children ...

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