Tuesday, February 12, 2019

A Career in Insurance Sales Essay -- essays research papers

A Career in Insurance Sales nature of the WorkInsurance agents sell one or more types of indemnity, such as look, home, chance, health, disability, and long-term care (Edwards, 1999, A12). Agents sell restitution policies to individuals and businesses to provide justification against loss or catastrophe. Insurance agents consider the financial status and life situation of their clients, and assist them in selecting their optimal damages policy. Some policies cigarette be designed to provide retirement income, funds for the education of children, or other benefits (Edwards, 1999, A12). Insurance agents prepare reports, maintain records, and they help policyholders to settle policy claims (Abraham & Herman, 1998). Special in-group policies may help employers provide their employees the opportunity to buy insurance through payroll deductions (Abraham & Herman, 1998). Agents may work for one company or independently for several companies (Abraham & Herman, 1998). Brokers do no t sell for a exceptional company, but direct their clients to companies that offer the best rate and coverage (Abraham & Herman, 1998). keep insurance agents and brokers are sometimes referred to as life underwriters (Abraham & Herman, 1998). Property and casualty insurance agents and brokers sell policies that protect individuals and businesses from financial loss, as a resolvent of automobile accidents, fire or theft, tornadoes and storms, and other events that can damage property (Edwards, 1999, A13). Property and casualty insurance can also sell health insurance policies to businesses that cover the costs of hospital and medical care for their employees (Edwards, 1999, A13). Increasingly, insurance agents and brokers offer comprehensive financial planning services to their clients, such as retirement planning counseling (Edwards, 1999, A13). Because of this, many insurance agents and brokers are licence to sell mutual funds and other securities (Edwards, 1999, A13). Educatio n and Training RequirementsCollege preparation may help agents or brokers grasp the technical aspects of insurance policies and the basics and procedures of selling insurance (Abraham & Herman, 1998). Many colleges and universities offer courses in insurance, and a some schools offer a bachelors degree in insurance (Abraham & Herman, 1998). College courses in finance, mathematics, a... ... growth of mutual fund sales (Vault.com, 1999). Insurance agents do not desire a rise in offensive activity, since fear of crime leads more people to seek insurance coverage for their homes, cars, and valuables (Vault.com, 1999). Sales of commercial-grade insurance should increase as new businesses emerge and existing firms inflate their coverage (Vault.com, 1999). Trends toward multiline agents, self-insurance, and group policies will also contribute to increased lot of insurance sales, and open positions (Vault.com, 1999). Since insurance is considered a necessity, agents are unlikely to suit unemployment in times of recession (Vault.com, 1999).ReferencesAbraham, K. G., & Herman, A. M. (1998). Insurance agents and brokers. Occupational outlook handbook. (1998-1999 ed.). 250-252.Edwards, S. A. (1999, expose 8). Insurance what you need to know. The Hartford Courant, pp. A12, A13. (Article appears on two separate pages.) Vault.com Inc. 1999 cl West 22nd St., 5th Floor, New York, NY 10011http//www.vault.com/vstore/pages/occupations.cfm?Product_id=513&objectgroup_id=284&chapter=1

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