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Rodin Essay -- Essays Papers

RodinLike most nontextual matterists, Rodin was non an long success. Even though he was rejected numerous times from art schools because of his art style, he prevailed in the end. Rodin, like many artists, got their inspiration from otherwise great and noted artists. In Rodins case, his inspiration came from Michelangelo. In Rodins more famous works, oneness can see the similarities between the two artists artwork. Rodins parents were not wealthy, therefore, he was not able to attend an art school of his choice. His father, however, did send him to little cole, a training ground for commercial draftsman and practiciens--cutters and finishers of work in stone. At the age of seventeen, Rodin won his depression prize for a clay model and he came in second place for one of his drawings. His teachers at Petite cole encouraged him to try for the Grande cole diethylstilboestrol Beaux-Arts. He utilize, but was not accepted. Not giving up hope, Rodin applied two more times, but was rejected. Determined to make a dungeon, he worked for a large commercial designer. It was there, that he created numerous objects with his hands anything from masks of gods to cupids. This is where he began to see that he had a future in what he love the most, art. Even though Rodin was an artist, his career did not take take away so soon. When he was 22, his sister Maria died. He anguished so more than over her death that he decided to leave his art. He abdicate everything and decided to enter the Order of the Fathers of the Very Holy Sacrament. While living in the monastery, Rodin confided in Father Eymard, and he was the one that told Rodin to continue sculpting and not to give up. Rodin eventually realized that religion was not his calling and at once he had enough money saved up, he moved into his first studio. From that point on, he was fully committed to his artwork. Rodin said that it was so low temperature in his studio, (he could not afford to corroborate heat) that he would wake up and see parts of his sculptures on the floor. Since I didnt consider the money to have them cast, each day I lost precious time masking my clay with wet cloths. Despite that, at every turn I had accidents from the effects of the cold and heat. Entire sections detached themselvesheads, arms, knees, chunks of torso fell off I found them in pieces on the tiles that covered the floor .In 1864, Rodin created a masterpiece, something that would change his ... ...ed, he prevailed and was able to live happily considering what a hard life he had. Rodin died in November 1917 and his common-law wife, Rose, died in February of 1917. Rodin died with having accomplished over 400 sculptures and 7,000 drawings.Two of Rodins most famous pieces of work were finally shown in the Salon in 1878, The Man with the Broken Nose and the Age of Bronze. I had a chance to see several Rodins and visit his home in paris last summer and while he may bound Michealangelo ,it was clear ,no one c ould deny his talent as a sculptor. His forms operate such a strong sense of motion and strength. My favorite would have to be his sculpture the Kiss, it stands in the garden deTolluries in paris and vindicatory left such a strong impression on me.Bibliography1.Cunningham, Lawrence and backside Reich. Culture and Values A Survey of the Western Humanities. Vol. 2, 4th Edition. forth Worth Harcourt Brace College Publishers, 1998. 2.HalWilliam Harlan and the Editors of Time-Life Books. The World of Rodin 1840- 1917.Virginia Time-Life Books, 1978. 3.Lampert, Catherine. Rodin Sculpture and Drawings. Hong Kong Kwong Fat Offset produce Co. Ltd., 1986.

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