Monday, February 18, 2019

The 1918 Influenza Pandemic Essay example -- Health Medicine Diseases

The 1918 ininfluenzaenza PandemicThe United States entered the War in 1918 and brought influenza to America that wellness check historian Roy Porter has called the not bad(p)est single demographic shock human has ever experienced, the most deadly pestilence since the Black Death.1 In the deep nineteen thirties, members of the Federal Writers Project (FWP) with the Works go on Administration (WPA), interviewed people who remembered surviving the pandemic. 2 They described a world caught away guard. Newly established base camps became makeshift hospitals and morgues. Doctors, embalmers, laundresses and florists did a brisk trade. human beings venues closed, and as entire families became ill, mothers, husbands and soldiers remember coping with quarantines and loss of family. Sufferers put great stock in their world power to treat themselves as doctors and other health officials struggled with ineffective prevention and treatment strategies. For them, the flu of 1918 marked a st udy life change but it also became a testament to their ability to survive.The flu came fast and it hit hard. Dr. Curtis Atkinson, then a First deputy in the Medical Corps at Fort Riley, Kansas remembered the first war machine quarantines. When the flu epidemic struck Call Field, Sunday, December, 1918, the boys began to come down very rapidly. A foot ball game was in progress. The commanding officer straight ordered the game stopped and sentinels posted at the gate of the guinea pig with orders that no one was to be admitted.3 Another soldier, Dr. William W. Wood remembered soldiers and civilians dying comparable sheep.4 Melinda Parker remembers how fast she lost her husband. My husband was workin at the shipyards in Algiers an he got the flu an in four day... ...arolina Writers Project.14 J. D. Washburn, oppugn by Douglas Carter.15 business relationship of Career (import) of J. H. Kimbrough, discourse by Marie Reese.16 Mountain Sharecroppers, Interview by Anne Winn Stevens .17 Porter, Roy. 48418 Dr. William W. Wood, Interview by Miss Effie Cowan.19 Reminiscences centered around Call Field, Interview by Ethel Dulaney.20 Dr. Wood, Cowan21 Coal Fields to the Cotton Mill, Interview by southward Carolina Writers Project.22 J. D. Washburn, Interview by Douglas Carter.23 The Influenza Epidemic, Interview by Jane K. Leary.24 Note French Canadian Personalities, Interview by Robert Grady.25 The Influenza Epidemic, Interview by Jane K. Leary.26 Glenn Kanipe. Interview with Ethel Deal.27 Melinda Parker, Interview by Louisiana Folklore

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