Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A Good Man Is Hard To Find Essay -- English Literature

A Good Man Is Hard To FindThe fiction A Good Man is Hard To Find begins with a family prepto presume a vacation to Florida. The grandmother who does not want totake the vacation in Florida is persuading the family. She has readabout a crazed orca by the name of the Misfit, who is on the run,heading for Florida. The mambas of her family ignore the grandmother.On the twenty-four hours of the trip, ironically, the grandmother is dressed in herSunday best. She is decked in white gloves and navy blue dress withmatching hat. She is the first one in the simple machine and ready to go.OConnor is getting the reader to visualize the Southern culture. Thegrandmothers purpose of fertilisation this way is to be recognized as alady, in study someone saw her dead on the highway. This tells me thegrandmothers thoughts of death are shallow. subsequent in the story, theMisfit says, There never was a body that gave the undertaker a tip.(qtd, in DiYanni 202) The grandmothers readiness for death is anindication that she does not want to go where there is a prisoner onthe loose. However, her read...

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