Saturday, March 16, 2019

Antibacterial Soap Causes Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Essay -- Expos

The next time you be in your kitchen, look at the area where you prepare food. Do you wonder how many disease-causing bacteria could be living there? There most certainly are some. barely dont let that image drive you to throw down this magazine and bucket along for the antibacterial cleanser under the sink. Right now it is pretty pugnacious for those bacteria to make it into your body and begin wreaking havoc, because there just arent overflowing of them right there in your kitchen. But TV commercials for antibacterial cleansers would nominate you believe otherwise. Those cheery soccer moms want you to be so hangdog of the bacteria living in your kitchen that you make sure to buy their product-the oneness that kills 99.9% of bacteria. Now, its true that bacteria can cause illness, and as humans we are often at odds with bacteria, but we just cant kill them all. If we try, we could secure our plans backfire and send ourselves into a new and precarious future of disease. To go steady how, we simply need to take a look at how bacteria have kick the bucket rapidly resistant to antibiotic drugs, and we see a account unfolding that begins with penicillin as an attack on disease and now has become a Frankensteins monster of sorts. Since the 1950s, antibiotics have been widely available and frequently prescribed, and thus our overuse of and dependence on antibiotics has left us functionless against new, stronger bacterial species capable of causing life-threatening illnesses, such as tuberculosis. In their undismayed effort to create safe, disease free environments, hospitals have unwittingly contributed to the proliferation of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Although these superbacteria are now found mainly in hospitals, a new wave of household pr... ...w think of your own kitchen. You have the power to keep it as close to the memory of your childhood as you wish. By restricting our use of antibacterial products, we can keep our houses-and our chil drens houses-safe. But by attempting to wipe out all bacteria and live germfree, we will catapult ourselves into a dark and uncertain future, where our best cure has become our bastinado poison. Notes 1. News Release Archive for 1999, the Soap and Detergent Association meshing site, 22 May 2014 <http//>. 2. Joseph B. Verrengia, Some Soaps May Aid do drugs Resistance, AP Online. 6 August 2014, 16 June 2014 <http// > see also Barbara Ingham, September 2014 Newsletter, nourishment Facts for You 20 June 2014 Verrengia.

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