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Short trading floor/Film AnalysisAric McDonaldShort Story/Short FilmComm. 411-351130-1245Spring 1997The three roughly oblivious stories are similar because they all involve jealousy. Thistype of jealousy surrounds the principal(prenominal) characters who are envious of theachievements or the attention that other man receives. The head start story isabout an old man who is taking his wife on a atomic number 42 honeymoon when sheencounters an old suitor, creating jealousy for the husband. In the sstory, the jealousy surrounds Smurch who is envious of Charles Lindberghs fameand accolades. The jealousy in the final story is the invidia of the attentionthat any man with fame can receive from a woman. separately persons own insecurityallows envy to control their actions and creates trouble in their lives. Thethree stories all have jealousy, in some it is more clear than others. green-eyed monsterlead two of the characters to make a fool of themselves, and it cost a nonhercharac ter his life. In the first story, Charley took his wife Lucy on a secondhoneymoon, or Golden Honeymoon, as it is titled. While they are in St.Petersburg Fla., fret was at the doctors office and began a conversation witha lady, only to instruct that she is Mrs. Frank M. Hartsell, Lucys ex-fiancee.This made Charley uncomfortable because he had rivaled Frank for Lucys hand inmarriage. A story that began as a second honeymoon for Lucy and Charley, becamea jealous contest among two men. This reminds me of the movie, Grumpy Old Men,because of the unsanctioned mini contests that the two men have with each other.Comparing the moving-picture show and the leger, they were very similar except the sequence ofevents were different. In the story, The Greatest humankind In The World, Smurch wasjealous of the fame and accolades of Charles Lindbergh. Only some members ofcongress, the President, and the press knew this information. They felt itwould be a disgrace to the United States if it was known to the public that thisworld adept was a man with poor upbringing ,bad manners, and seen as a hooligan.Smurch was not willing to change these traits, so the few officials that knewabout them, pushed him out the windowpane saying that he fell on accident. Thebook and movie had some discrepancies. One was the fuel tanks. In the film,Smurch dropped the tanks almost on top of his crowd, opus in the book, he didnot drop them at that site. Another contarst between them was after the landing.In the film Smurch was carried off the plane, while in the book he was carried

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