Friday, September 13, 2019

Marketing Audit Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Marketing Audit - Article Example Demographics can provide such opportunities as new customers, increased sales, and increased variety of customers, which all point to the increase of sales and productivity. Threats can also occur such as customers moving away, and customers developing other tastes, because of interaction (Cayla & Arnould, 2008). The economy has increasingly become weak, and, as a result, margins keep on falling and so does asset values. Because of these economic difficulties, the company has faced number financial challenges though it remains profitable. To deal with these financial problems, the company is planning to close about 20 of its stores that are underperforming so as o cut costs and save money (Fortune 500 List of Best Companies, 2009). It is clear that with the current financial problems and challenges with the environment, the availability of the company’s raw materials is going to go down with costs increasing. The costs of energy are also likely to increase because of the same challenges. There have been few, if any, complains about the role of the company in conservation and pollution. In fact, the company has been widely recognized for its initiatives in taking care of the environment and in sustainability. The company has come up with a number of goals to fulfill by the end of 2012 to ensure conservation and sustainability. In addition to this, the company also utilizes a carbon footprint, sustainable foods, reusable bags, zero waste, and conservation initiatives to ensure that the company does little damage to the environment (Fortune 500 List of Best Companies, 2009). There have been major technological innovations in today’s global market, and in the grocery industry. For example, there are new technologies for packaging, for eliminating waste, for ensuring green initiatives, and for production and manufacturing. The company

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