Friday, October 4, 2019

Two Million Minutes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Two Million Minutes - Essay Example This is providing the Indian and Chinese students with an edge over the American students academically, and is contributing to their fast economic growth. This comes as a challenge for the US. In order to cope with the future challenges, it is imperative that creativity is encouraged at every level. Even the five and six year old Indian students are so clear about their ambitions and have stunningly high career aspirations. The highly intellectual, engaging, and yet funny personalities of the Indian professionals can be attributed to their school system. Indian students in the middle school are significantly advanced as compared to the American students at their level in school. Indian students graduating from high schools are two to three years ahead of the American high school graduates with respect to skills and knowledge. Although I consent with Bob Compton for the most part on his stance over the issue he has raised, yet I think that his argument was not sufficiently strong. According to Bob Compton, math and science are valuable because these subjects help the students become skilled professionals so that they can earn good money in the high tech industry. The aspect overlooked by Bob Compton is the value and significance of these cognitive subjects to the society as a whole outside the sphere of economics. The issue that the US government and the concerned authorities in the US need to target is the quality of education provided in the schools in the US. It is good that students in the US are allowed more freedom and variety to choose their profession from. Students from India and China are not very advantaged in this respect. However, the curriculum selected for the different levels of education in the US lacks the depth and elements that are required to enable the American students to compete wi th the students of the growing economies intellectually. Another fundamental element that lacks in the US and that provides

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