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Certain Groups Being Incorrectly Portrayed in Media

In order to understand the current issue involving certain groups being incorrectly portrayed in media, it is important to first understand exactly what mass media is. There are a variety of technical definitions for the term â€Å"mass media.† According to Britannica, â€Å"Media is used to pass on information to many people in a society† (â€Å"Media†). Merriam-Wenster claims media is a â€Å"mean of communication that is designed to reach the mass of the people† (â€Å"Mass Medium†). Recently, a spike of innovations has led to an increase of possible methods of communication that can be inducted into the field of mass media. Tomi Ahonen, an author on telecommunications and technology, popularized the term â€Å"Seventh of the Mass Media† to prove that cellphones are a new form of mass media. This has made the world more familiar with the different categories of media. The seven designated forms include print, recordings, movies, radio, tel evision, internet, and cellphones (Duarte). If more people in the world contained this knowledge of media, it might be more easily understood the effect it can have on so many. In addition to knowing what media is in today’s age, it is also important to fully understand misrepresentation. Various accounts of misrepresentation are affecting the media at present, but not everyone is entirely aware of this situation. Misrepresentation is the inaccurate portrayal of someone or something. In the media, this can be displayed through statments, music, or images. BeingShow MoreRelatedAmerican Islamophobia And The Syrian Refugees. The Majority1584 Words   |  7 Pagesoff of the answer â€Å"yes†, but nonetheless will actively deny large groups of people their rights. That fact has become increasingly evident with the recent matter that is the Syrian refugee crisis. Muslim people are fleeing Syria, a currently war torn country, and attempting to find asylum in more stable coun tries, one of which is the United States. However, the Muslim refugees fleeing Syria are often incorrectly stereotyped into being a â€Å"backwards, violent people† and have their voices silenced andRead MoreRace Culture Diversity - Reflections on Issues Relating to the Traveller Community and the Portrayal of Minority Groups in the Media1733 Words   |  7 PagesMany issues have been introduced and discussed in regards to race, culture and diversity, and their impact on children and society. In the attached journal I have recorded some of the subjects we discussed in group sessions such as: British Empire Legacy, Equal Opportunities, Post Code Culture, Ethnic Minorities, Sex Education, Legislations, and the Traveller Community. I have also included other interesting issues that I came across and thought to be relevant to this module. For the purpose of thisRead MoreRaiders of the Lost Ark Movie Analysis958 Words   |  4 Pagesthink a certain way. Since the beginning of C inema, that has been the case of viewing the people of Arabian and Middle Eastern decent. Aside from the clichà © turban and robe, what is shown is a consistent connection between any form of evil and those two particular groups of people. The reasoning for that falls behind Americas political agenda. American media, as a whole, shows only what benefits the governments next plan with foreign policy. If the American government is against a certain regionRead MoreOrange Is The New Black Essay1808 Words   |  8 PagesNew Black has started to redefine various gender and sexuality expectations that have been concreted in to media for many years. Women are not always portrayed genuinely in mainstream media, many television shows place women on a sexualized pedestal, where they are subject to male gaze due to hegemonic femininity representation. Diane Ponterotto (2016) describes how male gaze can affect media, and social notions, â€Å"Through the male gaze, the female body becomes territory, a valuable resource to beRead MoreRacism, By Stephen Brookfield1286 Words   |  6 PagesRacism is being unknowingly taught to the younger generation. Individuals are not born being racist they naturally adhere to what they perceive to be right. Discrimination can be cultivated based on a pers on’s surroundings. Children’s minds are poisoned with hatred towards someone that is of the opposite race. Children are blind to racism, they are blank canvases when they first start out in the world. It is not only until someone or something introduces the idea that the color of skin makes himRead MoreCultural Awareness : Native American1349 Words   |  6 Pageslargest tribal groups in the U.S are the Sioux, Navajo, Chippewa, Choctaw, Cherokee, and Iroquois. In today’s society, we see many Native American cultures being used in various ways. However, there are also many ways that the Native American culture can be used in a positive or a negative manner. Native American’s are clearly misunderstood, especially their culture and history. During the time of contact and genocide in California, for example, Indigenous groups were habitually portrayed in newspapersRead MoreFilms And Media Have Been A Source Of Entertainment Since1947 Words   |  8 PagesFi lms and media have been a source of entertainment since the 1800s. Exposure of media through news and entertainment is a given to people all over the world, and we observe how people perceive others around us. Some concepts, a prominent one, coined â€Å"whitewashing†, is heavily in films which develops heavy prejudice towards other races aside from the more dominant white population. Whitewashing began during the early development of films across the United States, the castings of white actors andRead MoreGender Roles Of Women And Women2359 Words   |  10 PagesMen and women are consistently sexualized and misrepresented in the media. These misrepresentations have serious implications on society and both sexes are constrained by these ideals. These ideal depictions of masculine and feminine are threatening to the already distorted gender roles. The media standards for beauty are outrageous and simply unattainable, putting immense pressure on women today. Moreover media targeting men present a constant theme of hyper masculinity that is normalized inRead MoreIn This Essay I Will Be Discussing Whether The Jury System1777 Words   |  8 Pagesimportant judgements of guilt solely based on the evidence they hear in court, hence making it an important aspect as the jury represent the majority of people in society and â€Å"it is good to be tried by a group of individuals who are representative of one’s community†. This illustrates how certain laws may need to be changed and the reasons to why people commit crimes may be justifiable in the eyes of the jurors, ordinary lay people may understand the issues and situations an individual may face withinRead MoreTransitioning to a Better State: Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman2026 Words   |  9 Pages The LGBT community is a group that often falls victim to negative stereotyping. LGBT is an acronym for Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender that categorizes a community of individuals that are a part of the sexual minority (Swain, 2007). One community that falls under the umbrella of the LGBT acronym is the transgender community. This community consists of transgender individuals, a general term to describe those who do not conform to typical gender roles, transsexuals who desire to be recognized

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