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Acceleration Within the School System Essay -- essays research papers

Papers on the topic, acceleration within in the school system, brook had two very distinct arguments. There atomic number 18 those who believe that accelerating students, enhances their mental welfare and academic achievements. On the other hand there are those who raise concerns as to whether, accelerating students does negatively affect them in some dimension. The scram of this paper is to give an overview of acceleration in relation to the educational setting, and to plow the impact (both negative and positive) that acceleration has on the lives of students. I will discuss how and why students are identified as keen and or talented, and what consequences turn up from this label, if any. The essay will then proceed to offer types of programs available for invest and or talented students in schools. This paper will focus on the versatile impacts acceleration has on students. Some discussion will be rendered as to the effect on the parents of speed up students. My conclus ions will be derived from the various arguments and research that will be presented throughout the essay.From the introduction we are guide to the question, of what actually is acceleration? Davis and Rimm (1994) state that any strategy that results in sophisticated placement or credit may be titled as acceleration(p. 106). Acceleration is the act of advancing students into grades higher than their year of archive allows. The Board of Studies guidelines for accelerated progression (1991), define acceleration as involving, the forward motion of a student to a level of study beyond that which is everyday for his/her age (p.3). Rice (1970) has also defined it as a rapid acquisition of knowledge and skills (p. 178). These definitions of acceleration, especially the one offered by the Board of Studies, closely align Harrison (1995) who describes a gifted child asOne who performs or who has the ability to perform at a level significantly beyond his or her chronologically aged peers and whose unique abilities and characteristics require special nourishment and social and emotional support from the family, community and educational context (p. 19).This definition takes into account the socio-emotional support that gifted children require when identified as gifted or talented. Harrison (1995) further recognises that this support does not come solely from the parents or the school but the community as ... ... &      Davis, G.A. (Ed.), Handbook of empower Education (2nd ed.). (pp. 27-42).       milliampere Allyn & Bacon.Thomas, T.A. (1993). The achievement and social adjustment of accelerated students          The impact of the Academic Talent Search after seven years. atomic number 20           California State University. (ERIC document ED 368146).VanTassel-Baska, J. (1986). Acceleration. In C. June Maker. (Ed.). Critical issues &n bsp             in gifted education Defensible programs for the gifted. (pp. 179-195). Texas          PRO-ED.VanTassel-Baska, J. (1997). What matters in curriculum for gifted learners Reflections          on theory, research and practice. In Colangelo, N. & Davis, G.A. (Ed.),      Handbook of Gifted Education (2nd ed.). (pp. 126-135). Massachusetts Allyn      & Bacon.

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