Monday, February 4, 2019

friendship in a separate peace by John Knowles :: essays papers

friendship in a signalize peace treaty by thr champion Knowles Finding out who someone authentically is seat be a very difficult thing to do. Knowing who some one is privileged and out takes time and dedication. I learned that there are a few key factors when getting to know who some one really is. Character determination of a friend can be found on three things, honesty, trust, conflicts, and how they are resolved . The book a separate peace by John Knowles deals with all of these issues in the case of friendship. You can use these three factors to see how good of a friend a person can be, and determine there trustworthy character.All through with(predicate) the fifteen years Ive lived this life there has al slipway been one redundant term told over and over. Honesty is key, and if your talking rough a friendship that s true. If you dont relieve oneself honesty you dont have anything to base your relationship on. Being honest to a good friend should be subconscious, and if its not then I wouldnt consider them a good friend. You shouldnt have to essay with a friend to be honest. In a Separate peace Finny is always honest and speaks his mind. constituent on the early(a) hand comes crossways honest, but you can never really tell. He should not have told Finny that he jostled the limb on purpose if he wasnt hitherto sure himself. In the movie Dead Poet Society each and both group member was honest to each other, and thats why they were the dress hat of friends. Also, they learned to think honestly by themselves from their teacher through ways of poetry. Much like how Finny learned honesty through sportsmanship. Without knowing if Gene is honest or not, Finny and the members of the Dead Poet Society would have made much(prenominal) better friends. These friends where honest, and therefore could trust each other. Trust each other to resolve conflicts and become stronger friends.Conflicts are another way to determine someones true character . When a conflict occurs you can see what they do and how they react to the situation. akin when someone is cornered, and in danger of losing their life. Those animal instincts are a neat way to see who some one really is. In a separate peace Gene deals with his conflicts by not talking about them and pushing his feeling down till they are gone.

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