Sunday, February 10, 2019

Using the Google Search Engine :: Computer Science

employ the Google Search Engine find two network sites that provideinternet resources for the study of Australian Literature.-http// lighten up/lit.html-http// Write a detailed succinct in no more than 600 words of what kind ofinformation and operate the sites provide. Give role models asnecessary.The first of the two websites that I looked at, it is constructed by Perry Middlemisswho is a lover of books, and who wishes to pay credit to thoseforgotten Australian writers on the Web. Middlemiss begins by naming70 Australian authors, and likewise provides links to those authors, andthose who do not keep up links to other sites a promise is make that theywill be provided in the future. By simply clicking on matchless of theauthors, for example Miles Franklin, you are led to a web scallywag thatgives a brief biography of the author, and withal a identify of her works,some of which overly have lin ks that give a brief insight.The site also provides listings of the winners of literary prizes, andin feature The Miles Franklin Award, and The Australian/VogelAward. Again by clicking on these we are lead to a page that providesthe winners of these awards, and also those that were pithylisted. Apage that provides a short description on the authors and the booksthat are listed are acquirable by clicking on the links.Another form of Australian Literature that is provided is poems.Middlemiss offers his best-loved poet, Victor Daley on the site, andlists some of his poems, which are all accessible. He also lists otherAustralian poets, all of which have further links. By clicking on thepoets name we are lead to a site that offers a short biography of thepoet, for example Adam Lindsay Gordon, the site also offers a list ofhis poetry collections and biographies, some of which have furtherlinks that discuss that particular item. Links are also available tofull texts of the poems that a re listed. For example by clicking onThe Trenches by Frederic Manning we are lead to the full variation ofthe poem.Also available are links to different Australian novels, which havebeen segregated under different topic headings, these include fiction,drama, art, food, histories, and others.Ozlit (http// offers more than euchre pagesof Australian Literary information, and more than 1100 entries intheir Books and Writers database, which is also fully searchable. Asearch engine is available that allows you to search the whole Ozlitsite for information. on that point is also a links database available thatallows you to search for references on writers.

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