Monday, February 11, 2019

Willie Russells Educating Rita :: Willie Russell Educating Rita Essays

Willie Russells Educating RitaIn this constitute, Willie Russell has created two extremes of destination andput them together to focus on the differences between them and howthese two elaborations change as the play develops. Firstly there is frankwith a good job as a teacher and a large house and is well educated,who is contrasted with Rita who has a council house, works as ahairdresser and is non well educated. They graduation exercise meet when Rita goesto postmark because she urgencys to be educated. As the play continues,Frank and Rita approximately completely exchange roles as they be bothunhappy with their elaboration and want to be more than deal the other. Thisplay was written in the 1980s where the working, middle and upperclasses were still used widely to determine what your culture was andhow important you are to the social society at the time.The theme of culture appears a lot in the play. One of the ports thatWillie Russell shows the two distinctly oppo site cultures is how much ply the higher classes have over the take down classes. In the playk directlyledge is shown as a symbol of power. Frank has the superiorknowledge over Rita so therefore he in any case has more power over Rita. Butwhen Rita returns from summer school and is more knowledgeable thanFrank because Frank wanted to be more exchangeable Rita, so Rita has morepower over Frank as she now has the superior knowledge. I think thatthe swivel chair determines who is most in control over the otherperson in terms of power and knowledge. At the start of the play Frankis sat in the swivel chair, but once Rita is further educated she sitsin the swivel chair. The position that it is a swivel chair thatdetermines power is significant because it turns around. Much likeFrank and Rita as the power turned from being in Frank in to Rita.Willie Russell excessively used education to show the two different culturesthat Frank and Rita live in. Rita says that she wants to be educated because she wants to know everything as she is not happy being classedas working class. But Denny, Ritas husband, does not want her tochange and he does this by burning all of her books. Education alsosymbolises power as Frank has the power to change is life because heis educated, but Rita wants to become educated so she can change herway of life and culture. Education affects the audiencesinterpretations of the play as the two extremes of culture that are

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