Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Human Services Agency Interview Essay

The Human military service field is vast with different approaches based on uniquely encounter individuals needs. Some of these needs ar met through interdisciplinary knowledge, placing concentration on preventive measures as hale as correcting errors of life, and up-holding responsibilities of enhancing the mean of life. Human improvements profession is one, which supports enhanced methods of service by cerebrate on direct service, and by enhancing accessibility, responsibility, and organization among professionals and agencies in Human armed service de spellments,(Martin, 2007).The organization I chose is Progressive HealthCare Providers that add services for the developmentally disable who have physical and mental problems. Individuals with mental, physical disabilities as well as behavioral problems are candidates for Group Homes. These individuals are no prolonged secluded but are visible members of fiat. The use of single family houses was part of a design to incorpo rate disabled individuals into communities and minimize the embarrassment of beingness placed in a facility, which provides special care.I conducted an interview with Pleshetta Davis an administrator with Progressive HealthCare Providers. I decided to use a shout interview made by an online request. A letter was not use because mail deli rattling is often a problem this time of year. Pleshetta Davis was cheerful to be of service answering 10 questions that I had prepared for the interview, such as * Type of Human service provided * How long has PHP been in Service * Mission of PHP * How does PHP receive funding * Affordability to clients * Populace served Influence on Communities * harsh Clinical Issues * Training designs for Employees * New programs implemented Pleshetta Davis answers to the questions in the interview were very thought evoking.The mission statement were a coiffe of goals that were to promote mankind and private partnership in health and human services, p romote purity and innovation in the delivering of healthcare services, remove the profit motivation from finale making, encourage innovated approaches to providing health and human services, (Davis, 2010).This organization has been in service since 1990 and services three states Louisiana, Florida, and Alabama. PHP offers more than 500 beds to individuals whom exhibit developmentally disabilities. This organization implements public-based hold and life-skill programs. PHP came into communities to provided support to disable individuals by providing opportunities to live and participate in his or her corporation, and reach ones full potential. Florida, Louisiana, and Alabama companies are Intermediate Care Facilities for the great unwashed with Developmental Disabilities.The facilities are licensed under Title XIX to provide residential, educational, medical, social and behavioral services to individuals who have developmental disabilities. The goal is to support residents learn basic skills so they can live with little supervision, or none. Staff members ensure that clients receive any outside or community service care they need, such as physical therapy, education, medical care, or vocational training This organization is a small nonprofit human service provider that provides help to the disable whose disability is physical and mental.This took me stand to the obligations and objectives of Human Service Professionals to understand the nature of human organizations through individual, group, organization, community, society, and their study interactions. Human Service providers develop understandings of how group dynamics, organizational structure, the organization of communities, field of study policies and how human problems are by-products of social systems, (Martin, 2007).Clinical issues were at a stripped such as group homes not welcome in certain(a) communities, finding government support programs such as jobs for clients, day habilitation prog rams that would contract the clients, and eeping staff. This organization met my career goals. Human Service professionals are efficient and build with different ethnic groups who have broad ranges of issues. Caregivers must use a range of interventions to work with different ethnic groups with different cultures, and lifestyles. In this put caregivers work to improve personal social function of clients enlisted in this program by providing or referring clients for education, training, employment, and personal growth in home settings.Clients are trained for independent living and are placed in society to become productive citizens. This interview although conducted over the phone was very professional, and Pleshetta Davis set aside valuable time in her busy schedule to befit me. She stated that the organization sometimes send exceptional workers in their system to college or match college funds, (Davis, 2010). She received her degree in Human Service Management through Louisiana Tech University. She seemed very sincere postulation me to give their company consideration when I have finished my degree.

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