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American Dissident Voices Broadcast of April 7, 2001As Ye Sow . . . .By Dr. William pierceHello First, I want to admit to an error I make in last weeks broadcast. Iattributed to the circus impresario P.T. Barnum the educational activity that noone ever lost a nickel by underestimating the lore of theAmerican public. At least two alert listeners have since pointed come to the fore tome that the statement actually was made by the journalist and writerH.L. Mencken. The statement for which P.T. Barnum should be rememberedis that a sucker is born every minute. Last week we talked about the rewards of increasing "diversity" inAmerica. The primary reward is the harvest-time in alienation as youngAmericans fail to develop a healthy sense of racial identity and fail tofind o.k. role models. Diversity goes up, and homogeneitysimultaneously goes down. And as homogeneity goes, so goes theindividuals sense of community, of belonging, of identity. And we also talked about many of t he side benefits of diversity arisesuicide rates, a greatly increased incidence of neuroses andpsychopathologies, more schoolyard shootings, a growing pregnancy rateamong unwed White teenagers, the confusion and way out of values, loweredacademic standards, the trashing of the history and literature curriculain our universities, and a add of other consequences of the diversitybeing visited upon us by the government and the Jewish media.And America is not the only nation ruined by the diversity-mongers. Ifyouve been gainful attention to the news of whats happening in theBalkans, you will have observe that the bloodshed and misery begun thereby the determination of Madeleine Albright and the Clinton government to break up multiculturalism down the throats of the Serbs is still spreading.The killing going on in Macedonia without delay is a direct consequence of theClinton governments bombing of Belgrade in set up to force the Serbs toaccept the multiculturalization of Serbias Ko sovo province. If youremember, the excuse given by Madeleine Albright and her kosher ring wasthat the wicked Serbs were mistreating the Albanian minority in Kosovo,who merely cherished to brood in multicultural bliss with the Serbs. Well, of course, the Albanians wanted no such thing. They wanted exactlywhat the Serbs wanted namely to have Kosovo all to themselves. So assoon as Madeleines hired gunmen shifted the balance of power in Kosovoand strained the Serb army out, the Albanians, instead of hugging theirSerb neighbors began killing and terrorizing them. The Serbs fled fortheir lives, and now the Albanians run Kosovo, provided for a few all-Serb

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