Monday, March 18, 2019

Show Boat :: essays research papers

There were many characters in the story of Show Boat. In the beginning we met Captain Andy Hawks and his wife Parthy Anne. Andy was the caption of the Cotton Blossom. They had one young woman and her name was Magnolia. The purpose of Andy and Parthy Anne is to minimal brain damage comedy and conflict in the story. They fought a lot and it was very humorous, and it seemed as if they both stood on opposite sides when it came to training their daughter. Magnolia was probably the star of the musical. She tied in to almost everyone in the story. afterward on, Magnolia married Gaylord Rayenal. He is a gambler and gives Magnolia a good support for a while. His purpose in the story was to add the romance, and to excessively add conflict. They eventually have a daughter named Kim.In the beginning we also met a girl named Julie LaVerne. She was married to a man named Steve Baker. Julie was also Magnolias piano teacher. We also met a friend of Julies named Pete Gavin. Pete had obviously b een convoluted (probably not romantically) with Julie before Show Boat started. The purpose of those cardinal was to state of racial issues during that time.There were also two characters in the beginning named open Shultz and Ellie May Chipley. They were the comedians on board. They were there for mostly comedy. and also irony. They argon the ones who met Magnolia in Chicago. It was also very ironic how they finally got married and take a son who turned out to be very talented.Joe and Queenie were two of the black characters on the boat. They were married. I think the reason they were there was to convey the segregation between whites and blacks in those days. Joe would also sing a call option called Old Man River that stood for the passing of time.

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